Knicks 83 – Kings 93

The Knicks did not show up. The team shot an abysmal 31% from the field. Amare, who had a strong all-around game rebounding and blocking shots, made only 6 of 22 attempts from the field. He still finished with 25 points.

Raymond Felton had a rough, rough night. He shot 2-15 from the floor and finished the game with just six points.

Bill Walker continued stroking it from deep, hitting three of five from behind the arc.

Beno Udrih killed the Knicks last night. He had 29 points on an efficient 11-14, and he had five rebounds, four assists, and four steals. As a team the Kings were not very impressive, the Knicks were just horrible.

This was a very tough loss because the Kings did not show tremendous skill, rather the Knicks were off all night.

One nice thing about tonight’s game was fantasizing about Samuel Dalembert playing alongside Amare Stoudemire. He would be the perfect compliment for Amare and the team would really benefit from the addition.