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Wilson Chandler: His Performance Is Directly Correlated to Wins

Wilson ChandlerIt is simple. When Wilson Chandler performs the Knicks win.

Over the Knicks’ six game losing streak Wilson averaged 11.1 points per game while shooting a combined 29-80 from the field, and an even worse 5-28 from three.

During this streak Wilson only managed to get above the 10 point mark twice, and shot only 34% from the field.

In the Knicks’ 115-106 victory over the Washington Wizards, Wilson managed to find his shot again and managed 25 points while shooting 45% from the field, and 4-8, 50% from 3. Much more efficient then the previous six losses.

Here is Wilson’s stats this season in wins and losses.

In losses Chandler shoots 10% worse then he does in wins.
He shoots 20% worse from 3-point land in losses then in wins.
He averages a point less in losses then wins. This may not seem like a lot, but in losses Chandler logs two minutes more and takes more shots then in games that end in wins.
He shoots 14% worse from the free-throw line in losses.
He averages almost double the amount of steals and blocks in losses, which some could argue make up for his lack of offense.

From all of this I draw the conclusion that Wilson Chandler’s performance is correlated to the Knicks ability to win. He averages more minutes and more shots in losses, but shoots dreadfully worse numbers. He is more active on the defensive end, but this team does not have too many weapons. Outside of Raymond Felton and Amare Stoudemire, the Knicks are very thin on consistent point production.

Wilson Chandler needs to consistently perform in order for the Knicks to succeed.

Let’s hope Chandler can contribute consistent numbers and keep this team on the right path.