Knicks 102 – Hawks 111: They Could Not Keep The Streak Going

A day after beating the Miami Heat in a very intense game, the Knicks flew out to Atlanta to face the Hawks.

It was a let down game. The Knicks came out and laid an egg tonight. At one point during the third, the team trailed the Hawks by 24 points, that deficit was just too much to overcome.

Late in the third and into the fourth, the Knicks tightened their defense and followed co-captains Amare Stoudemire and Ray Felton in an effort to get back into the game. At one point during the fourth, the Knicks had the lead cut to 5, but a painful three pointer by Josh Smith put a dagger into the side of the Knicks

Shawne Williams had 13 points and 12 rebounds. All around a very solid game after taking Wilson Chandler’s spot in the starting lineup. One thing that continues to surprise me about Shawne is his solid defense. He is one of, if not the best defender on this team. He may not be quick, but he does stay with you. His defensive ability has kept him in the rotation. Even when his shot is not hitting, he can supply the defense the team needs.

Shawne also got into a fight with Marvin Williams with less then a minute left. Let’s pray that he does not get suspended because he has been a solid contributer to this team.

The Knicks managed to only connect on six of their 22 three point attempts. Whenever the Knicks cannot connect from 3, they have a very difficult time controlling the game.

The Knicks return to action Sunday against the Detroit Pistons at the Garden. It will be critical for the Knicks to get back on track and to control that game from the begging.