Report Cards: Bill Walker

Bill Walker came into the 2010-2011 season with some confidence. After a mid-season trade sent him to New York, Walker turned heads and played very well. During the 2010 season Walker provided instant offense and tons of energy while coming off the bench. He threw-down monster slams and got the home crowd pumped-up, as well as sinking deep three pointers on a routine basis.

Coming in to the season Walker gained some weight, and with the weight came question marks. Will he still be able to provide consistent offense? Will he still knock down the three pointers at a high percentage? It took Billy a while to crack D’Antoni’s rotation, but when he plays he hits the big shots. He is only playing about 12 minutes, but he is hitting the 3 ball efficently. Walker is shooting the long ball at 41% and when he is in the game it seems like the only shots he takes are three pointers. Walker has made solid contributions to the team this year, and it is nice to have him on the team.

Overall Grade: B