Is Mozgov Here To Stay?

New York Knicks rookie center Timofey Mozgov has had a difficult rookie year transitioning to the NBA. During the pre-season Mozgov must have impressed the Knicks coaching staff because he was in the starting five come opening day. He got his chance but he did not contribute and then D’Antoni buried him on the bench.

Mozgov got a few chance here and there to play, but when inserted into the game he would pick up quick fouls and turn the ball over. He was having a very difficult time and it made it tough for D’Antoni to give him any playing time.

It had been a while since Mozgov was seen or heard from, but on Sunday night D’Antoni have him a shot once again.

Mozgov came out very nervous. He started the game in a rough 0-4 slump where he missed a few layups. Then miraculously he came into his own. Mozgov finished the night with 23 points and 14 rebounds. He left the home crowd wanting more. He finished the game hearing his name being chanted. Everything went well for the young Russian.

Now the question is, do you think Mozgov will be able to contribute to this team on a consistent basis? Or will this just end up being one good game, in an otherwise horrible career?

Only time will tell, and I hope that he is able to succeed in the league.