Knicks vs Lakers: Kobe Comes To Town

Tonight the Knicks (26-25) will host the Los Angeles Lakers (37-16) at MSG.

Knicks vs Lakers game have always been big games, and this year they are bigger. With the addition of All-Star forward Amare Stoudemire, the Knicks have become a competitive team once again.

I expect the Knicks to come out with a lot more energy tonight than what they came out with against the Clippers a few nights ago.

Kobe will put on a show tonight, he always does when he comes to New York. It’s up to the Knicks to make sure no one else on the Lakers has a stand-out game.

The size of the Lakers’ front-court will be a challenge for the Knicks. It will be interesting to see how Timofey Mosgov does on Pau Gasol, and Andrew Bynum.

Amare needs to stay out of foul trouble tonight if the Knicks want to win.

It will be a tough game for the Knicks to win, but they have the skill to pull it off.