Just Like That, We are Back to .500

Final Score: Lakers 113, Knicks 96

Record: 26-26
Current Streak: Loss 2

If a trade is going to happen it better take place soon.

The body language on the floor is disgusting.

Wilson Chandler’s body language is saying “I don’t want to be here”. Raymond Feltons’ name has recently been included in trade talks involving the Nuggets, and he seems to be affected by the rumors as well.

In the beginning of the season Raymond played with fire in his eyes, and hunger inside. Now he is lazy, and does not have the same intensity.

Uninspired basketball is terrible to watch.

This team is not going to be motivated until after the trade deadline, and once the roster is finalized for a playoff push.

So now the Knicks sit at .500. We play the New Jersey Nets tomorrow night which is a must-win game. The Knicks have not been .500 since November 8th, when they were 9-9.

The Lakers just overpowered us tonight. It was painful to watch.

The trade deadline cannot come soon enough.

I would like to see this team set their eyes on the playoffs, instead of the deadline.

Go Knicks!