Report Cards: Shawne Williams

Donnie Walsh originally drafted Shawne Williams 17th overall in 2006 when Donnie was the General Manager of the Indiana Pacers. Williams has had his fair share of run-ins with the law and was out of the league for a few years. On September 23rd, the Knicks signed Williams to a one-year deal. Walsh gave Williams a second chance, and boy has he taken advantage of that.

It took a while for Williams to crack D’Anotni’s rotation, but once he managed to, he has not disappointed. He is playing like a lottery pick once again. When he got his chance, he shined. He knocks down three-pointers at a very high percentage, and is a surprisingly good defender. He has started a few games this year, and nobody could have predicted the success he has had.

He is currently third in the league in three-point percentage and is a key role player on this Knicks team. The contribution that Shawne Williams has given to the Knicks should not be over-looked. He has been a key play in the Knicks success this year.

Overall Grade: B+