Report Cards: Landry Fields


Landry Fields was drafted by the New York Knicks in the second round of this year’s draft.

Many people, including myself were a bit skeptical about the pick, and questioned Donnie Walsh for passing on Lance Stephenson, among others.

Fields has surprised every single person that follows the NBA. He has won Rookie of the Month two times, and is playing like a top five pick. Fields could be the league’s biggest surprise this season.

If Blake Griffin were not considered a rookie, Landry would be a legit contender for the Rookie of The Year award. But since Blake is in his class, Fields’ performance will be slightly over-looked.

Fields manages to put up decent stats (around 10 points and seven rebounds per game), but what he really brings to the table are the intangibles. Even though he is a rookie, he is one of the smartest players on the floor at all times. This includes the home, and away teams.

You cannot teach his ability to cut to the basket, or to get in position for an offensive rebound.

He never forces anything. He lets the game come to him, and is extremely efficient on the offensive end, as well as the defensive end.

By letting the game come to him, Fields is shooting over 60 percent from three in the forth quarter. Something many veteran players cannot do.

Landry Fields has truly been a surprise this year, and I hope for his great play to continue!

Overall Grade: A+