Last Game Before the All-Star Break: Hawks at Knicks

On Wednesday night the New York Knicks (27-26) will take on the Atlanta Hawks (34-20).

This will be the last game before the all-star break, and it is important for the Knicks to wrap up the first half of the season with a win.

There is TONS of talk surrounding different trade ideas for Carmelo, and it is crucial for the players to block that out of their mind. Nothing should be more important then getting the win on Wednesday.

The last time the Knicks and Hawks played, the Hawks won in a very physical game.

Prior to tonight’s game there has been a decent amount of trash talk from both sides.

Amare Stoudemire and Al Horford have exchanged some words leading up to tonights game.

Amare got it started by saying “He don’t want to see me.”

Horford responded with “I don’t understand what he means by that, ‘He don’t want to see me,’ like we’re supposed to be scared of [Stoudemire]. Ain’t nobody scared of him. We’re all grown men, so it’s all good.”

Tonight we should witness a very physical game, which neither side wants to lose. I hope the Knicks come out strong, and play the whole game physically. This will show that they are not distracted by the recent Carmelo Anthony rumors, and that they want to win each game they play.

The Hawks have had the Knicks number so far this season, so it will be tough to get a win.

Let’s go Knicks!