Chauncey Billups celebrates after the Denver Nuggets defeated the Dallas Mavericks during their NBA basketball game in Denver

Chauncey Billups: Is He Being Over-Looked in This Trade?

With Carmelo Anthony having garnered all of the press, very little has been mentioned about the only person with a championship beside their name in the entire trade, Chauncey Billups.

Billups’ agent made it publicly clear when the trade rumors began to swirl that Billups was only interested in playing for the Denver Nuggets.

By saying this, it was assumed that he would at least try to get a buyout, which is what he likely wanted.

However, we have not heard a statement recently from Billups or his agent regarding Billups’ thoughts on joining a new team. Is he still only interested in playing for the Denver Nuggets? Based on reports, Carmelo is the only person involved in the trade that has met with Knicks management—Carmelo obviously gave his word to the Knicks, but Billups has not spoken on the situation.

One possibility was that Billups was not willing to play for the Nets—His agent came out with the statement around the time that the Nets were close to making a deal involving him. It is possible that Billups said that to stop the Nets from acquiring him because he didn’t like the situation and he would have asked to be bought out.

That is just my speculation—the statement that was made was very general, not singling out a certain team.

However, if there was a situation that would change his mind, the situation in New York would be the one.

He is playing on a team with two of the most dominant offensive forces in the world, Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo, two guys that can take over a game and demand a double-team. They make Billups’ shots much easier, and by doing that, prolong his career.

Billups is now on an offense that encourages three-point attempts—as a point guard that loves to shoot from the perimeter, he will fit right into Mike D’Antoni’s plans. On top of that, his three-point attempts will not be contested as much. Once again, the game will only get easier for Billups by playing alongside Stoudemire and Carmelo.

Chauncey Billups is not a household name for his ability to shoot, drive, pass or defend. He has gotten to that point by thriving in the clutch—receiving the “Mr. Big Shot” nickname during his career was well deserved.

Billups has been traded to a team with tons of talent, lacking poise and experience. Mr. Big Shot brings just that to the Knicks. When everybody on the Knicks is nervous in the playoffs, at home, at the biggest venue in all of sports, Billups is the perfect guy to have on your team.

Billups could just as easily ask for a buyout from the Knicks, staying true to his hometown.

With Billups gone, the Knicks’ success could easily leave with him.

If Billups were to not play for the Knicks, Toney Douglas would have to start at point guard. Toney Douglas is a shooting guard trapped in a point guard’s body. His decision making is terrible and his shot selection is not the sort of thing you want when you have Stoudemire and Carmelo on the floor. He is best-suited in a bench role, coming into the game in a two-point-guard set with a green light to shoot.

The Knicks’ need for a point guard would be worse than their need for a backup big man. The Knicks already have terrible depth at point guard with Billups—without him, they have nobody who’s first position is point guard. Nobody.

Without a pure point guard with the poise of Chauncey Billups, this team could become just a lot of guys trying to score.

Can you name a single player on the Knicks who can create for others?

While the Knicks are more concerned with ‘Melo signing an extension, the concern for Billups to suit up is just as important this season.