Jared Jeffries Coming Back?

According to Newsday’s Alahn Hahn, once Jared Jeffries is bought out and clears waivers he will sign in New York.

Some fans are not very happy about this because they remember the Jared Jeffries that got paid $6.5 Million a year to be a “defensive specialist”, and I assure you, he did nothing else.

I however, am for this signing.

I can see no harm in signing Jeffries to the league minumum. He is a big guy that can play center, which will allow Amare to stay at power-forward all game.

He is a insurance policy if Turiaf gets injured. Now we do not have to worry who will play for Turiaf, it is simple, Jeffries will!

And above all, he is another big man.

There is no harm in acquiring another six fouls per game. Against the big physical teams such as the Lakers, Magic, and before the trade-deadline Celtics, the Knicks will need guys to play rough, and that will get them fouls.

He also will bring some energy to the defense. On this team we have PLENTY of offensive fire-power, but little, if any, defense.

It cannot hurt to bring in a defensive big man that wants to win.

Go get him Donnie!