Bill Walker, The Power Forward

Last night against the Miami Heat, Bill Walker played the majority of his time at the power forward position.

Playing Walker at the four is VERY effective against smaller teams because while he may not be the tallest guy going for the rebound, he will be the most energetic.

Against the Heat Bill Walker had 10 points and seven rebounds. He was +22 during the game.

On offense, Walker still stays around the three point line and plays like a shooting gaurd. But on defense, while boxing out and going for the defensive rebound, Walker plays like a seven foot beast.

He boxes out like you are supposed to. He jumps up as high as he can. He doesn’t let the ball come to him, he gets the ball to make sure he can corral the rebound. He plays his heart out while trying to pull down the board.

Playing Walker at the four adds some much needed intensity to defensive rebounding, and I hope to see him play there more!