Knicks At Magic: Can They Continue To Win?

On Sunday night, the New York Knicks beat the Miami Heat.

On Tuesday night they are now in Orlando gearing up to face the Orlando Magic.

Against the Heat the Knicks played fantastic defense and managed to keep the rebounding battle about even. Against the Magic it will be very tough to rebound, and to defend their many skilled players.

Unlike the Heat, the Magic have TONS of offensive weapons.

The Knicks cannot make one mistake because the Magic will swing the ball to one of their four shooters that will be on the floor.

The rebouning battle will be challeneging. The Magic have the best center in the league with Dwight Howard, and while Amare is a beast, he is no match for Dwight.

For the Knicks offense to flow, it will be crucial for STAT to avoid getting called for any unnecessary fouls while guarding Dwight.

Billups will need to orchestrate the offense perfectly.

Against the Magic, the pick and roll should be effective. They do not have anyone as athletic as James to cover two players at once.

As a Knicks fan you better hope that the pick and roll is effective because if it is not, the Knicks are a one-dimensional team. The Magic will be able to close out on perimeter shooters and it will be a long night.

The one advantage the Knicks have is Carmelo Anthony.

Neither Richardson nor Turkoglu are capable of defending Carmelo. Expect to see a TON of isolations for Carmelo, and hopefully he will connect on a lot of them.

It will be a tough game, but let’s hope that the Knicks come prepared and energized and get the win!

Go Knicks!