Knicks Come Home To Play The Hornets

After a disappointing loss to the Orlando Magic, the New York Knicks will get right back at it Wednesday night at Madison Square Garden.

The Knicks will host the New Orleans Hornets in what will be the Hornets’ one and only visit to the garden this year.

Expect the Garden crowd to go NUTS for Chris Paul. The audience will burst out into chants saying, “We want Paul!” or something along those lines.

I am going to start doing unconventional pre-game previews so let me know what you guys think of the new format!

Here we go!

Over/Under – I will bold my choice next to the question. These should give you a sense of how I think the game will play out. Be sure to comment your choices!


  1. Over/Under 11.5 assists for Chris Paul. Over.
  2. Over/Under 22.5 field goal attempts for Carmelo Anthony. Over.
  3. Over/Under 7 rebounds for Amare Stoudemire. Under.
  4. Over/Under 22.5 minutes for Anthony Carter. Over.
  5. Over/Under 201.5 total points. Over.
  6. Over/Under 55.5 points for Amare Stoudemire + Carmelo Anthony. Over.
  7. Over/Under 10.5 rebounds for Landry Fields. Under.
  8. Over/Under 5.5 points for Jared Jeffries. Under.
  9. Over/Under 11.5 three-point attempts from Toney Douglas + Shawne Williams. Over.
  10. 10. IF Billups plays: Over/Under 12.5 free throw attempts. Over.
  11. 11. Over/Under .5 technical fouls combined.Over.
  12. 12. Over/Under 10.5 total rebounding difference (if you think the Knicks will be out-rebounded by 15 say Over 10.5, and if you think it will be closer then 10.5 say under…) Over.



  • NYsportsGUY

    1) Under. I think he’ll score more this game.
    2) Hopeuflly under. I’d like to see him and Stat average about 20 FGA a game
    3) OVER! only 2 yesterday ugh
    4) Under. I HATE MD’s rotation mgt with his backcourt
    5) Over
    6) OVER
    7) Gotta go under but he’ll get 8 or so. I’d go with his average as the number here
    8) Under lol
    9) Over, they need to step it up they both sucked yesterday especially toney
    10) Over
    11) Over. I despise how the accumulate techs. Pathetic
    12) This is something I have been preaching since the trade. The Knicks need to be at least -3 or better in RB margin to win.