Knicks Win! 107-88

Just an all around feel good victory for the Knicks tonight.

Toney Douglas stepped in for an injured Chauncey Billups and played great.

He shot 10 for 13 from the floor, including 4 for 6 from behind the line. He finished with 24 and 5 assists.

Before the game Billups told Douglas to pick a play and run it. Douglas listened. He played a slower halfcourt game, but the offensive efficiency was amazing.

I really love the addition of Billups not only because of his tremendous skill, but because of the knowledge and leadership he brings to the team. Without Billups, Douglas could have had one of his routine volatile nights, and the Knicks would not have succeeded. Rather, Douglas ran the point with confidence and the Knicks dominated.

Carmelo Anthony had 22 points, and Amare Stoudemire had 24. They both were very efficient and were able to rest for most of the fourth quarter.

Shawne Williams finally looked comfortable from behind the three-point line once again. He was 6-8 from the field, but 4-6 from three. There was a four minute stretch of time when he must have hit 3 straight threes. It was exciting to see once again!

When Williams and Douglas are both firing from three, this team is very, very tough to beat. If the Knicks want to make some noise in the play-offs, Douglas and Williams will have to be spot on.

Jared Jeffries came in and played how he should. He was aggressive on the boards and kept plays alive. He’s playing for two reasons: rebounding and defense, and he did both of those tonight.

To cap this great game off fans starting chanting “Roger Mason”, Mike D’Antoni looked down the bench to ask Roger if he would like to enter the game. Roger jumped up and ran to the scorers table. He received a nice applause as he entereted the game, and within a minute he had the ball. He was behind the three-point line threatening to drive. Instead, he pulled up and NAILED a three. He finished with one more bucket, but it was very nice to see him get appreciated and hit shots when he entered the game. I am completey for giving him more playing time!

All in all, a very nice win.

The Knicks get right back to it against the Cavs on Friday night.

Let’s not make it 11 losses in a row to them.

Go Knicks!