Knicks Play The Cavs: Time For Revenge.

After a feel-good win against the New Orleans Hornets, the Knicks will now have a chance to retaliate against the Caveliers Friday night.

Last time the Knicks and Cavs played, the Cavs out-hustled, and out-played the Knicks. Hopefully Friday night will be different.

Chauncey Billups is questionable for the game, but after the Hornets game, I have complete trust in Toney Douglas running the point.

I do not want to say this, but, this game is a must win game.

The season is coming to an end and if the Knicks want to maintain the sixth seed and finish the season strong, they must beat bad teams.

Lets be sure to end the 10 game losing streak against the Cavs!

Now here is the new and special part of the pre-game posts!

Over/Under – I will bold my choice next to the question. These should give you a sense of how I think the game will play out. I will give a short reasoning for my pick. Be sure to comment your choices!


  1. Over/Under: 9 assists for Ramon Sessions. Under. (I think the Knicks will control this game from the start. The only chance the Cavs have to win is if Sessions has another remarkable game. I do not think he will have a phenomenal game and his assists will suffer.)
  2. Over/Under: 24.5 field goal attempts for Carmelo Anthony. Under. (Against the Hornets the Knicks were VERY efficient. If they continue to play a half court game and can score off of set plays Melo and STAT should not need to take too many shots.)
  3. Over/Under: 6 rebounds for Amare Stoudemire. Over. (Last time these two teams met the Knicks were out rebounded by 20 rebounds. This cannot happen again. Amare must be very active on the glass and go for every single rebound.)
  4. Over/Under: Knicks shoot 40% from the field. Over. (They need to shoot in order to bury the Cavs. The Cavs are a pesky, hustling team that the Knicks cannot afford to keep in the game.)
  5. Over/Under: 208.5 total points. Under. (Last game the Knicks let the Cavs score 115 points. They cannot do this again. I expect the Knicks to come out sharp and to play tight defense. Last game they also did not have Jared Jeffries. While he is not the best defender in the league, he is a good one, and will definitely focus on defense.
  6. Over/Under: 33.5 points for Shawne Williams + Toney Douglas. Over. (Toney Douglas has been the leading scorer for the Knicks four times this year. They have won each of those games. In order for the Knicks to get to the next level, they need Toney Douglas and Shawne Williams to score on any night. I think that TD and SW will continue to show their offensive abilities.)
  7. Over/Under 7.5 rebounds for Landry Fields. Over. (Once again, the rebounding margin in this game will be very important. Between Fields and Jeffries, I hope we will not be out-rebounded by 20 again.)
  8. Over/Under 8.5 total rebounding difference (if you think the Knicks will be out-rebounded by 15 say Over 8.5, and if you think it will be closer then 8.5 say under…) Under. (The key to the game is the rebounding. If the Knicks can keep it close, they will win. The Knicks have more talent; they just cannot afford giving the Cavs two or three chances at scoring the ball.)


Go Knicks!