The Caveliers Are Our Kryptonite.

I’m not sure if we will ever be able to beat them.

I would rather play the Celtics, Heat, Lakers, or Spurs, instead of playing the Caveliers.

They make us look slow, stupid, and fat. They out-hustle us, they out-assisted us, and they out-scored us.

On a night when the Knicks shot 44.4% from three, the Cavs shot 57.1% from three.

It is frustrating watching the Knicks blow a 12 point fourth quarter lead, but to be honest, even if we were up by 30 with 2 minutes left in a game against the Cavs, I would put money against us. We just cannot beat them.

Now that I got that little rant out of the way, here is the post-game recap:

After a pretty good Florida trip the Knicks returned home to face the Cavs. About a week and a half ago the Knicks lost to the Cavs in Cleveland so tonight they were trying to get even.

The Knicks came out VERY sharp. They hit 8 of their first 9 shots, including 2 three pointers. Midway through the 1st the Knicks led 22-10.

In Baron Davis’ first game as a Cavelier, he burned the Knicks. To end the first quarter he hit two three points and setup two three pointers.

The game stayed close right up until the end.

Knicks found themselves down by 4 with 10 seconds left. Amare Stoudemire nailed a three-pointer within two seconds of receiving the inbound. After that the Knicks were able to foul Sessions with less the .5 seconds coming off of the clock. Sessions missed the first, but made the second.

Now here’s where it got a little shady.

I am not sure what Mike D’Antoni was thinking when he drew up the play. The Knicks inbounded it to Melo at the free-throw line. He was in a very congested area and was lucky to even maintain possession of the ball. He drove to the hoop and defenders left an open alley. Then, out of nowhere, Samuel steps in and takes a charge.

Then the game was over.

I’m not sure what was more anti-climatic: the Knicks game, or this description of the final seconds.



Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire combined for 70 points. Yes, you read that correctly, 70.

STAT had 41 points and 9 rebounds, while MELO had 29 points and 5 rebounds.


This was a very disappointing loss but they need to put this behind them and focus on the rest of the season. The Knicks are 3-3 with Melo on the team. In the four games Billups has played, the team is 3-1.

It will take time for this team to mesh. They need to find a rhythm on the defensive end if they want to compete against good team.

Right now, they have no answer for the pick-and-roll. However, everything about this team will improve.

Do not worry if the Knicks don’t finish the season as the six seed, just hope that they make the playoffs.

With the talent on this team they can make some noise against anyone. It is not important that they match up against the three seed, rather, it is important that they have experience playing together and that they are confident in the team moving into the playoffs.

I still believe in this team!

Go Knicks!