Knicks Beat The Hawks 92-79!



Once again, I have tons of work to do tonight and will not get around to a post game. Here is a great recap of tonight’s game written by Jeremy from


Well, that was a bizarre one, wasn’t it? The Knicks and Hawks looked like they woke up about five minutes prior to tipoff tonight, playing slow, sloppy, and unfocused ball. Both teams played poorly tonight, but the Knicks managed to get hot when it mattered most, and won a game that could be a rather important win in terms of playoff seeding. Let’s get to it:

What We Liked:

  • The Knicks managed to win a game despite getting few calls, playing sloppy ball, and essentially appearing to mail in a good 3/4 of the night. While this is obviously not a recipe for consistent success, good teams have to know how to win bad games. The Knicks were able to do just that tonight.
  • While the Knicks aren’t known for their defense, I’ve been saying all season that this is a very good team in terms of individual defense and the ability to stop opponent’s offensive possessions. They proved this to be true tonight, collecting 11 steals and four blocks. While there were still too many instances of guys being left wide open, slowly but surely, the Knicks appear to be meshing on the defensive end.
  • Anthony Carter and Shawne Williams stepped up in big ways tonight, providing energy, scoring, and defense off the bench tonight in a game in which the Knicks were missing three of their rotation players. Carter was especially important tonight, often seeming to take control of the offense in place of the injured Chauncey Billups.
  • The Knicks allowed 79 points tonight, the lowest opponent’s total of the season. Pretty good considering the Knicks were missing their defensive glue in Chauncey Billups.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • This game was a pretty good example of how a team isn’t supposed to play. The team looked lazy, unfocused, and distracted throughout much of the night. Carmelo Anthony seemed more concerned with drawing calls from the refs at times than scoring, which was reflected in his paltry 14 points on 6/18 shooting. Luckily the rest of the team stepped up tonight to carry the team.
  • Tonight revealed just how important Chauncey Billups is to this team. Without him, the offense seems unable to consistently move the ball efficiently, and is prone to long stretches of ineptitude. While the Knicks managed to win tonight, if Billups was to ever get injured for an extended period of time, things would get pretty bad pretty quickly.
  • A win is a win, and the Knicks proved that tonight by defeating the Hawks despite their below-average play. New York now heads back home for tomorrow night’s game against the Utah Jazz. Hopefully the Knicks can come out and show more energy than they displayed tonight.

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