Knicks Play the Hawks

Once again, the Knicks lost to the Caveliers.

Sunday night the New York Knicks travel to Atlanta and try to win in order to keep the six seed in the east.

Over/Under: Knicks shoot 40% from the field. Over. (They need to shoot very well in order to beat the Hawks. Even though there is tons of talent on this Knicks roster, if they fall behind due to poor shooting, it will be very tough to come back.)

Over/Under: 35.5 points for Shawne Williams + Toney Douglas. Over. (Toney Douglas has been the leading scorer for the Knicks four times this year. They have won each of those games. With Billups and Walker sitting this game out, the Knicks will lose some offensive production. Douglas and Williams need to step in and give the Knicks some points.)

Over/Under 17 points for Landry Fields. Over. (Against the Hawks, Billups, Walker, and Turiaf will all be out. Landry Fields needs to have a productive day on offense if the Knicks want to have a shot at beating the Hawks.)

Over/Under 8.5 total rebounding difference (if you think the Knicks will be out-rebounded by 15 say Over 8.5, and if you think it will be closer then 8.5 say under…) Under. (The key to the game is the rebounding. If the Knicks can keep it close, they will win. This will be a very tough game for the Knicks to win and they cannot afford giving the Hawks two or three chances at scoring the ball.)