Post-Game: Knicks 106 – Bobcats 114

Boy does it suck to lose.

These Knicks are really in a funk right now… Someone needs to become the leader of this team before it is too late.

On the floor, it looks like the players have given up in Mike D. He REALLY needs to get the players back under his control, and needs to get this team going.

Right now, the only thing that I think could jump-start this team is either a coaching change, or a players only meeting where everyone puts their eyes on the playoffs and realizes they need to play team basketball.

The first quarter of tonight’s game was encouraging. The ball movement was actually excellent. Chauncey Billups and Shawne Williams both passed on good, open threes, in order to get an even better high-percentage shot.

Carmelo Anthony had a very quite 36 points, and the reason it was so quite was because he only had one assist.

The ability is definitely there – the Knicks just need to play as a team for 48 minutes. They cannot afford to give the Bobcats, or any team of that caliber, the opportunity to score 114 points in a game.

The question is not ‘if’ the Knicks will get on track, it’s ‘when’. For the sake of the playoffs, I sure hope it is sooner rather than later.