The Epitome Of Swag


Happy Birthday, Walt Clyde Frazier!

This man is the EPITOME of swag. He was the originator of swag. He brought swag to New York.

You can always be fascinated when you are listening/watching Clyde. Whether it is his ‘swagging’ sense of style, or his catch-phrases, Frazier will keep you interested.

Here are a few common phrases that Clyde loves to use. (I am going to use Carmelo as an example player.)

  • “Carmelo Anthony, just in the Knick of time!”
  • “Melo is beginning to percolate.”
  • “That was a FORTUITOUS bounce.”
  • “Slicin’ and Dicing.’”
  • “STAT to the rack.”
  • “Carmelo being over-zealous.”
  • “Wheelin’ and Dealing.”
  • “Posting and Toasting.”
  • “Swishin’ and Dishing.”
  • “Swoop to the hoop.”
  • “Movin’ and Groovin’.”
  • “Stopping and Popping.”
  • “All the Knicks with the knack tonight.”
  • “Shaking and baking.”

These are just a few of the phrases that Knicks fans are used to hearing come out of Clyde’s mouth.

We love you, Walt Clyde! Happy Birthday!