Post-Game: The Knicks Outscored The Raptors

Tonight, the Knicks beat the Toronto Raptors by a score of 131-118.

The Knicks came out gunning. They managed to hit six of eight three point attempts in the first quarter, along with 13 of 22 field goal attempts. Melo hit three straight 3s in the first, and Toney Douglas also found his range hitting 2. The Knicks outscored the Raptors by 24 points in the first half. As a team, the Knicks shot 65.9% from the floor during that first half, and lit the Raptors up for 78 points.

On nights like these, it is fantastic that we can pound a team. Now, we need to figure out how to bury them, and lock them up.

Our offense seems like it is starting to click, now we need to work on our transition, and overall defense. In a game we dominated so much, it is unacceptable to give up over 100 points. If the Knicks want to be successful in the playoffs, their defense will need to be altered. We have seen them try all-out on defense, and the results were great. Now we need to see if they will be able to exercise a tremendous amount of energy for 48 minutes in order to defend the opponent as best they can.

They are definitely starting to gel, now let’s beat Philidelphia and move into the six seed!

Go Knicks!