Post-Game: Another Day, Another Game Winner

Tonight, the New York Knicks defeated the Indiana Pacers by a score of 110-109.

What Happened: This was a game all about runs. The Knicks led during the third quarter by 8, but ended the quarter down 9. In the fourth, they fought back to cut it to a one point deficit with a little over 12 seconds remaining. Without Amare Stoudemire on the floor, there was no question as to who would get the ball. Danny Granger played Carmelo Anthony pretty well. He denied the ball hard, and really made Melo work hard to receive the pass. However, once Melo got the ball, you knew he would make the shot. He toed with Granger for a few seconds before pulling up and draining the go-ahead jumper with around four seconds left.

Last time in Indiana, we saw Melo hit a go-ahead layup, but then saw the game slip away as Granger retaliated with a tough, buzzer-beating jumper. This time however, Carmelo Anthony did not slip up on defense. Not only did Melo come away with the game winning shot, but he also came away with the game saving block.

I’ve never had as much confidence in a player as I do with Carmelo. When he takes a shot from the elbow, no matter if there is one, two, or even THREE hands in his face, I trust him to knock it down.

This is now 7 wins in a row for the Knicks; a FANTASTIC streak before the playoffs. This is a perfect momentum builder heading into a tough series against either the Celtics or Heat.

Two more games before we wrap the regular season up, let’s keep winning!