The X-Factor: Toney Douglas

In my eyes, Toney Douglas will be the X-Factor in the upcoming series with the Boston Celtics.

During the regular season, the New York Knicks were 6-1 when Toney Douglas was their leading scorer. When Douglas has an explosive night, it opens up the floor for many players. He seems to have endless range, as well as endless confidence. Unfortunately, Toney does not have the best career numbers against Boston. Albeit, he has only played 6 games against them.

In those 6 games Toney Douglas is averaging 22:53 minutes per game, shooting 34% from the field, and shooting 25% from three.

If Toney Douglas is able to contribute 15-20 points a game, the Knicks will have a huge opportunity to win. If he can score 15-20 AND shoot above 45%, the Knicks are going to be expected to win.

When Douglas loses confidence things can get ugly, this is why it is important for him to start the game on a high note and continute to shoot a high percentage throughout.

In my eyes, Toney Douglas has control of this series. Not Melo, not Stat, not Billups. Toney has the skills to excel; now we just need to see if he can.

  • Nacho (Argentina)

    True, this kid has some potential inside that we are starting to see… Hopefully he will stay in NY for a couple of years and we can get the best of him.
    (PS: Nice blog, first time around here.. i’ll be coming soon)
    (PS2: Sorry if there was any mistake on the writting)

    • admin

      Thanks a lot for the gracious remarks. I hope you continue to read the blog and comment!