Knicks vs. Celtics: Game 2

Tonight, the New York Knicks will face off against the Boston Celtics in game two of the seven game series. The Knicks lost the first game by a score of 87-85. Although the Knicks blew their chance to grab a hold of the series all the Knicks need to do is win Game 2 to take home court advantage in the series. Conversely 94% of the time when a team has a 2-0 lead they win the series. Tonights game is almost an unofficial must win.

It will be very important for the Knicks to put the last loss behind them and move onto this brand new game. Last game there were many highlights: Amare played great, Toney had a solid playoff debut, the combo of Jeffries and Turiaf played well, and most importantly, the Knicks were able to hang with the Celtics for most of the game.

It is very essential that the Knicks led by “Do What Toney Douglas Do” come out with energy on both sides of the ball and look to get an early lead. It would also help if the Knicks can stay out of foul trouble. Look for the Knicks behind Douglas to run more to take advantage of some potential tired legs. Carmelo Anthony will also be looking to rebund for his poor performance last game, look for him to post a stat sheet stuffing line.

The Celtics burned a lot of energy last game something that the Knicks might be able to exploit if they jump out to a quick lead.As we highlighted earlier today another key for the Knicks will be whether Landry Fields can find his game in the absence of Billups.

Let’s see if the Knicks can learn from their mistakes and maintain the positives and move on and beat the Celtics in order to even up the series at 1-1 before heading back to NYC.

Go Knicks