Knicks vs Celtics: Game 4

This afternoon, the New York Knicks will face off against the Boston Celtics in a win or go home game 4.

This could be it. The final game of this season. A season where we were written off right from the start, a season that involved bringing two superstars to the Knicks. It could all be over if the Knicks do not come ready to play tonight.

Coming back from a 3-0 deficit is a daunting task, one that has never been accomplished in the NBA. If there is any team that could come back, I am sure it is these Knickerbockers.

The Knicks need to come out with fire, passion, and drive. They need to do whatever is necessary to win the game. They cannot look past this game, they need to take each game from here on out to be a one game, win or go home series. We have seen the highs and the lows with the Knicks this year, now it is time to see the best!

I will never give up on this team. Tonight is the night to leave it all on the table.

Go Knicks!