Draft Profile: Josh Selby

Coming out of High School, Josh Selby was regarded as the best point guard in his class. After a 2010-2011 season, which involved eligibility issues, suspension, injury, and a Sweet 16 appearance at Kansas, Selby is struggling to simply be drafted in the first round.

On the season, Selby averaged a mediocre 7.9 ppg/2.2 rpb/2.2 apg in 26 games.

The 6’2” point/combo guard, out of Baltimore, declared for the draft as a freshman, a decision many analysts considered a mistake. However, Selby declares that the experience matured him and taught him how to be a better teammate.

Scouting Report: Going into the upcoming draft, Selby is sort of a variable; there is no doubt that he has the skills necessary to be a successful player in the NBA. Selby is an explosive athlete with the ability to score in one-on-one situations, as well make shots fairly consistently from beyond the arc. He is an extremely raw talent, but he has the tools and athleticism to be a scoring point guard, but scouts question the intangibles, such as his leadership and maturity. Many people are mixed as to how he will fair at the next level, out of high school Josh was one of the most sought after prospects, but he really disappointed during his one and only season at Kansas, which was marred by controversy. When he did play, he was inconsistent at best. Over the course of the season, Selby only completed 39% of his two-point field goal attempts, and in the last nine games of the season he didn’t score more than 7 points in a game. Selby was very adept defensively though; often covering his man aggressively, and cutting off pass options.

Selby is currently more of a 2 guard. Even at 6’2, Selby doesn’t appear to have point guard tendencies, and often opts to shoot or create for himself rather than find an open teamate. Though, it is to be noted that when he did look for the pass, he showed good passing abilities. This is probably much in part due to the fact that he didn’t play point guard particularly much at Kansas.

Below is a video showing Josh Selby preparing for the NBA draft.

Judging the Fit: The Knicks need a point guard and Selby does have tremendous upside. Currently, he is not much of a point guard, but under the tutelage of one of the greatest, Chauncey Billups, I think he could grow into a passer, as the raw skills are already there.

I think Selby is a very interesting pick with high risk, but also possibly high reward. He is a tremendous athlete with a bright future, but was his one disastrous year in college a red flag?

The Verdict: Selby’s stock has fallen tremendously, so I am certain that he will be around by the seventeenth pick. I think he really has a shot of coming to New York. I think that he would fit nicely into Mike D’antoni’s offense, as he can develop passing abilities, and can also knock down a shot if Amar’e or Carmelo is being double-teamed. In the end, I would be open to Selby joining the Knicks.

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  • charles kozlowsky

    i am starting to really like vujanic with the 17 pick. we need a big and can trade for flynn or sessions