Draft Profile: Darius Morris

Darius Morris, a pass-first point guard out of Michigan, is quite an interesting prospect. He stands at 6’5, but still possesses all of the traits of a distributing point guard. He can go to the Knicks at pick 17, or he could possibly fall into the early second round.

Scouting Report: Morris is a very good penetrating point guard, but an even better passer. Morris tends to always have the ball in his hands, but he is not a black hole; rather, he looks to find open teammates. Last season, Morris was in the top 5 of the NCAA with 6.7 assists. He also contributed 15 points a night. Morris uses his height to overpower his smaller defenders, an unfair matchup he can exploit, even in the NBA.

Judging the Fit: The Knicks have been in search of a young, pass first, backup point guard since last offseason. Morris would be the perfect guy to fill the void. Not only will he be a point guard, but also he will add size and defense to the Knicks.

Drafting Morris will also make Toney Douglas expendable, allowing the Knicks to pursue a starting point guard or center via trade.

If the Knicks decide to keep Douglas, but still draft Morris, Morris’ size will allow Douglas to play to his potential. Hear me out: Douglas isn’t a good decision maker, nor is he that great of a ball-handler. This basically makes him a shooting guard in a point guard’s body. However, his ability to guard point guards is very impressive, but he can be a liability offensively at point guard, which is very frustrating for anybody who is watching Douglas.

Morris has the size and is a decent enough defender to guard shooting guards. With Morris and Douglas in the same backcourt, Douglas would be able to play off the ball offensively and it would enable him to guard the point guard defensively, thus maximizing his ability.

Think of Jason Kidd and Terry, Kidd guards the two guard and Terry can play shooting guard on offense. Hey, it got them a championship, can’t be that bad.

The Verdict: In the end, anyway that Morris is used, I think he would be a fantastic addition to the New York Knicks. Not only would he add the skills of a point guard, but he would also add some much needed length.M orris is probably the best passing guard in the entire draft, and this is the type of player the Knicks need. They already have the firepower, they just need someone to set them up.

Darius Morris would be the perfect compliment to Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire.

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