Will the Knicks be contenders for the 2011-12 season?

The 2012 NBA championships, if we have a season, are causing a lot of speculation as to who will be successful and who will not. This is especially true for the New York Knicks as they face questions over how they will manoeuvre themselves into a good position to be strong contenders in the upcoming competition.

At the moment, it seems that the aim of the Knicks is to gain a big man. However, they seem reluctant to commit to a long-term contract and this could greatly reduce their chances of success in this endeavour. They probably will not be able to secure the likes of Tyson Chandler or Samuel Dalembert because these players will likely require multi-year deals, not something that the Knicks can afford at the moment.

However, it is important for them to find someone. They need to succeed in order to keep fans happy. If fans are choosing whether to watch an NBA game or play video games or Party poker, they need an incentive to turn on the television and support their team. The Knicks may be able to salvage the situation if they acquire Robin Lopez from the Pheonix Suns.

This might be possible if they send around $3 million and a second round pick to Pheonix. When the Suns gained Marcin Gortat, Lopez fell out of rotation and the team is not likely to mind if they are able to reduce their costs. If the Knicks are able to close this deal, they will gain a talented big man without having commit to long-term costs.

It is possible that the Knicks will be contenders for the 2011-12 season. New assistant Coach Mike Woodson, who is a defensive specialist, is very good at his job. However, only time will tell whether they have what it takes.