New York Knicks @ Detroit Pistons – November 5th, 1999.

Due to the current lockout, instead of watching the first full season with Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire on the Knicks, we are left to imagine what could have been. Many, including myself, have anticipated this season to be one of the Knicks’ more successful years in more than a decade.

Since, once we finally have a respectable team, we miss at least one month of this season, I thought I would look back at the season of 1999-2000; one of the Knicks’ more successful squads in the past 15 years. I’m going to start this series and see where it goes. Please send me your thoughts on this series and let me know if you think it should be scrapped or continued.


NOVEMBER 3rd, 1999.
New York Knicks @ Detroit Pistons.
Final Score: 102-91.
Knicks’ Record 3-0; 1st place in the Atlantic Division.


Knicks’ high scorer: Allan Houston – 29; high assists: Chris Childs – 8; high rebounder: Marcus Camby – 13.
Pistons’ high scorer: Jerry Stackhouse – 30; high assists: Grant Hill – 6; high rebounder: Jerome Williams-12.


After a poor start to the season, shooting wise, for Allan Houston, in his third game he finally found his stroke. Houston made 10 of 13 attempts and finished with 29 points. Allan won’t shoot 77% from the field every night, but when he does, the Knicks should win.