Knicks’ 2011-2012 Schedule Quick Hits

It’s starting to feel like a regular season!

At 7PM, the NBA released a 66-game schedule for each team. Here are some tidbits about the Knicks’ schedule.

  • As previously reported, the Knicks will kick off the NBA season against the Boston Celtics, at Madison Square Garden.
  • Thursday, December 29th, after playing the Warriors to kick off a west-coast trip, the Knicks will face the Los Angeles Lakers, at the Staples Center.
  • The only two 10:30PM starts will occur in the first three games for the Knicks. They will play the Warriors and Lakers.
  • In January, the Knicks will have their one and only four game home-stand. They will play the Magic, Suns, Bucks and Nuggets.
  • Directly after the conclusion of the home-stand, the Knicks will embark on a four-game road trip, in which they will face off against the Bobcats, Cavaliers, Heat and Rockets.
  • The Knicks’ first game against the Miami Heat will be on January 27th, in Miami.
  • The one and, luckily, only back-to-back-to-back will kick off February. The Knicks will play the Bulls at MSG, Celtics in Boston, and Nets at MSG.
  • To start March, the Knicks will play at the Boston Celtics on the 4th, at the Dallas Mavericks on the 6th, and at the San Antonio Spurs on the 7th.
  • Knicks and Bulls will have a home-and-home on April 8th and 10th. First game will be held at MSG, second in Chitown.
  • The Knicks will play the Heat three times. Twice in Miami, but the final matchup will be in New York on the 15th of April.
  • Knicks will also play the Orlando Magic three times, but two of the games will be held in New York.
  • Durant and the OKC Thunder will not visit the Garden, but the Knicks will play them in OKC on the 14th of January.
  • The Knicks’ longest home stand will be five games. Over that stretch they will host the Spurs, Hornets, Mavericks, Nets, and Hawks.
  • Knicks’ longest road-trip is four-games, and will occur twice. The second trip is in March, and is scheduled around the Big East Tournament that will be happening at MSG.
  • The Knicks and Bulls will face off four times this year; twice in Chicago, twice in New York.
  • Knicks will play the Cavaliers four times, as well. We will get to know Kyrie Irving, but hopefully each game will be an easy win, unlike last year.
  • The Heat’s first and only trip to New York, during the regular season, will be April 15th, a Sunday, at 1PM.
  • The Knicks will play 18 back-to-back’s this year.
  • Knicks will play four-games in five-nights, five times this year.
  • 12 of the Knicks’ 18 back-to-backs will be on the road.
  • 8 of the Knicks’ 13 games in April will be nationally televised.
  • 56% of the Knicks’ games will start at either 7 or 7:30 PM.
  • The Knicks have 8 early games. That means a start at either 12 or 1PM.
  • Knicks will play 4 games in December, 17 in January, 15 in February, 17 in March, and 13 in April.
  • The Knicks will have 8 games on TNT, 10 on ESPN, 4 on ABC. A third of the Knicks games will be on National Television.
Well, lookin’ like a season. How u.