2012 Knicks iPhone Wallpaper

Here’s the first of many 2012 Knicks iPhone wallpapers and computer wallpapers to come! Double click on image to get the full-sized version.

UPDATE: I updated the wallpaper, so it should now fit the screen perfectly, and be a little crisper.

Here is the same wallpaper, but for the iPad.

  • Anonymous
    • The Knicks Wall

      Missed out on Chandler and Jordan, so ended up overpaying Kwame. Not such a great job my management!

      • Anonymous

        A front consisting of Keane Brown and D Lee. Sounds like a winner to me! LOL! Sent from my MetroPCS Wireless Phone

  • Anonymous

    It’s gonna be a good year! No more getting dominated in the paint and giving up offensive rebound and offensive rebound!

  • Cudder

    I love it! I set it as my IPad background and it’s a little blurry.. Any suggestions?


    718 would of been perfect

    • The Knicks Wall

      Indeed. Maybe too perfect!

  • BStrong

    How do I download this I can’t find anything. Gotta have this.

    • The Knicks Wall

      Click on the image to get it full sized, then just download it.

  • Jesse DeBear

    i love this image BUT the players should be larger, they seem too small on my phone. it’s too much background and not enough STAT!

    • The Knicks Wall

      Just re-uploaded a new version. Should be slightly bigger, and crisper.

  • Y2jsolution

    I can’t figure out how to download this. I clicked on the image to enlarge it but it didn’t give me an option to download

    • The Knicks Wall

      Once you have the enlarged image, right-click to save as, or download, or drag it to your desktop…