Shawne Williams and Jamal Crawford To Decide Today

Jamal Crawford and Shawne Williams, two players the Knicks hope to sign with the mini-MLE, are supposed to make their decision as to where they will play, today.

While it is very unlikely the Knicks will be able to sign both (One would have to take the mini-MLE, while the other takes the minimum), the Knicks are looking to come away with one of the two.

Shawne Williams was given a chance last year by Donnie Walsh, the man who orignally drafted Williams in Indiana with the 16th overall pick. Williams had a shaky stint in the NBA before emerging as a talented forward last season.

Understandably, after being quite a valuable player for the Knicks at a minimum price, Williams is looking to maximize his pay-day. It has been reported that the Knicks have offered the mini-MLE, which is $2.5 million a year, for two-years, while the Nets, the other team in the Williams sweepstakes, has offered a larger deal.

The Knicks gave Williams a shot when no one else would. Now, let’s see if Williams will give back to them.

Jamal Crawford is reported to be deciding between the Knicks, Blazers and Kings.

The Kings have cap room, so they can ultimately offer him the most lucrative deal. However, it seems as if the Kings are not willing to go beyond a two-year deal, valued at $5 million a year, with the second year being an option.

The Blazers are rumored to have the same deal as the Kings on the table, while the Knicks can only offer $2.5 million a year.

However, unlike the Knicks, the Blazers are located close to Seattle, Crawford’s home, so they are considered the front-runners for Jamal.

On the other hand, I feel like Crawford’s heart is in New York, and since he is taking so long to decice where to play, he is seriously considering taking the pay-cut.

Coming to New York will give Crawford an immediate opportunity to win a NBA title, before re-listing himself in next year’s free-agency pool.

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