Time for the Knicks to Prove Themselves

The going could get pretty bad for the Knicks if they do not start playing at the elite-level everyone envisioned they would, before the season started.

The Knicks’ next 10 opponents provide far more competition than the first nine did. Of their first nine opponents, only two of their prior opponents were playoff squads last season: The Celtics, who were missing Paul Piece for the Christmas day matinee, and the Lakers who were missing Andrew Bynum.

The Knicks’ next four games are all against playoff teams: 76ers, Grizzlies, Thunder and Magic. After those four, they play a Phoenix team that is playing very well, followed by a struggling Milwaukee Bucks team. The Knicks finish out this stretch against the Denver Nuggets, the Charlotte Bobcats, the Cleveland Cavaliers and last but not least, the Miami Heat.

Judging by the Knicks’ performances, so far this season, they have all the potential in the world and could quite frankly be the 2nd seed in the playoffs, but a lack of focus and urgency could wind up holding them back.

Let’s get it on!