The Economic Impact Of Jeremy Lin

On February 4, Jeremy Lin lit up the Nets, in his first game in which he received extended minutes. He scored 25 points and dished out 5 assists. After that game, the Linsanity began.

After a miraculous week, Jeremy Lin was just named as the Eastern Conference Player of the Week, after picking up the same honor in the NBA D-League. Forbes says that Jeremy Lin “is the fastest growing athlete brand in the world”.

Over the past 7 days, “Lin” has been tweeted 281,000 times, while “Linsanity” has been tweeted 48,000 times. To put that in perspective, “Lebron” has been tweeted 89,000 times and “Westbrook”, who won the Western Conference Player of the Week, has only been tweeted 8,622 times.

Not only has Lin’s personal stock risen, but the Knicks have also benefitted.

Stock in Madison Square Garden (MSG) has skyrocketed since the young point-guard razzeled and dazzeled against the New Jersey Nets. In just over a week, MSG has risen just about 10%, giving investors their own dose of Linsanity.

From February 4 to February 13, MSG has gone from $29.32 a share, all the way up to $32.32 a share. Any investor that receives a 10.8% gain, or $3.18 a share, in such a short amount of type will be sure to participate in the Linsanity.

Today, Bloomberg reported that Jeremy Lin’s jersey has been the number one overall selling jersey on, since February fourth. Many fans jumped to grab a Lin jersey after his performance, but many more were hesitant, because it had just been one game. But, after a string of marvelous games, more fans jumped to purchase a jersey.

Not only were fans buying Lin apparel, but also once they were on the Knicks’ section of, they splurged on other Knicks player apparel. For that reason, Knicks apparel accounted for five of’s top ten selling items.

Jeremy Lin has taken New York by storm, but he has also taken the Nation by storm. Investors and fans alike are going Linsane!