JR Smith, Your Newest New York Knick

Well, after Tommy Dee broke the news, JR Smith confirmed it.

JR Smith, the 6’6″, 220 pound guard, is set to make his Knicks debut on Sunday against the Mavericks. Smith signed in New York for the “Mini” MLE, which is valued at $2.5 Million. It was reported that the Clippers and Lakers were both very interested in Smith, but in the end, New York’s exception was the most enticing deal for JR.

In order to make room for JR Smith on the roster, the Knicks will cut Renaldo Balkman.

Last season, with the Denver Nuggets, Smith shot 43% from the field, while canning 39% of his threes. On spot-up jumpers, which are usually less guarded, Smith shot 46% from the field and 47% from three. He’s a talented shooter, but is not limited to that. He can drive, cut and is also a good perimeter defender.

Last year, he was the fourth best shooter, off-screens, points-per-possession wise, at 1.17. And the sixth best shooter off of hand-offs, points-per-possession wise, at 1.15. If Lin can continue orchestrating the offense like he has, the floor will be open for shooters like Novak and Smith to knock down the open shot.

Smith is an instant spark-plug and has tremendous upside, with his level of talent. Yes, he is a head case, but his potential should outweigh that.

I love the deal, as he will provide some much needed shooting off the bench.