Iman Shumpert Suffers Left Knee Injury

With just over six minutes left in the third-quarter, rookie Iman Shumpert collapsed to the ground, grabbing his left knee. Shumpert was dribbling the ball up the court and while trying to crossover to get by Mario Chalmers, Shumpert planted awkwardly with his left leg. Like most significant injurys, Shumpert’s came without any contact. He was visibly in pain, and needed Josh Harrellson and Jerome Jordan to carry him off the court, while supporting his knee.

During the game, the Knicks issued a statement saying that Shumpert would not return to the game and they would give further information after test results come back.

The loss was bad, but this injury is horrible. Not only for this series, too. With Iman Shumpert and Jeremy Lin, the Knicks appeared to have a very intriguing, young backcourt for the future. Depending on the severalty of the injury, that dream could seriously be diminished. I doubt Shumpert will return to the court this season, but hopefully he’ll be 100% in time for next year. Yes, the Knicks lose a defensive stopper, but I’d take that loss over a long-term loss any day of the week.

As more information surfaces, I’ll keep you guys updated and will have a post talking about what the injury means to the Knicks for this postseason.

UPDATE: The Knicks have announced that Iman Shumpert has suffered a torn ACL and a torn Meniscus. They expect him to be back in 6-8 months and he will have surgery in New York City.

Well, first, The ACL tear information came out and Knicks fans gasped, but then the meniscus news surfaced. This sucks.