Baron Davis Out Until This Time Next Year

In yesterday’s game four victory over the Miami Heat, Baron Davis pushed the ball towards the hoop during a fast break, then proceeded to collapse, while clutching his knee. Earlier in the series, Knicks fans saw Iman Shumpert go down with a torn ACL, so when Boom Dizzle fell to the floor, we expected the worst. Unfortunately for Baron, the worst is what he got.

Today, the Knicks released that Baron Davis suffered a torn ACL and MCL, as well as a partial tear of his right patella tendon. He is scheduled for surgery later this week, and the recover time is estimated at 12 months.

The moment Davis went down, everyone watching cringed. The Heat’s bench looked away, as Baron Davis’ knee looked like no knee should ever look. A stretcher was brought out for Baron, and he was carted off to the locker room. After today’s tests, we learned the severity of the injury. At 33-years-old, it seems that this injury will mark the end of Davis’ career, which just sucks. He’s had such a great tenure, that it’s a shame to see him go out like this.

I want to thank Baron Davis for his contributions to the Knicks this season. Despite being injured, Davis played through pain to help the Knicks. When Jeremy Lin went down, the Knicks had very limited depth at the point guard position. Even though he wasn’t 100% healthy, Davis pulled through and played. He gave 100% effort night in and night out. Last night, Baron told Woodson,”I tried to give you all I could.”

Get well, Baron.