Landry Fields Is Talking To The Knicks

First off, I’d like to apologize for the lack of posts recently. It’s been a busy time for us, but we’re back to our regular programming. Starting early next week, we’ll be releasing at least one draft profile a day leading up to the NBA Draft.

The 2012 NBA season is over. Now, the off-season.

First off, if you missed it, Landry Fields is dating supermodel Elaine Alden. I guess that’s what playing in New York City gets you.

Now, across every industry, social media is changing the game. In the NBA, it’s no different. Off-seasons are now filled with Instagram and Twitter. We can learn more about a player through his and his acquaintances social media activity than we can through their agents and news outlets.

Landry Fields is a perfect example.

He is set to become an unrestricted free-agent on July 1. There is no real indication as to whether he’ll return or walk. There have been some rumbles about the Knicks trying to sign and trade him, but it’s been pretty quiet.

Last night, though, Landry Fields, Elaine Alden, as well as 5 other Knicks personnel attended dinner at Mastros in Beverly Hills. In Alden’s words on Instagram, “Lando [Fields] is talking contract stuff.” Then, after someone requested Alden help recruit Landry to stay with the Knicks, Alden said, “We had dinner with the coaches last night… we will see, it’s not my decision though.”

I like Landry and depending on the price, I’m open to him returning. He’s a solid role player that cuts and hustles. If he can re-instill confidence (maybe dating a super model will help with that) then his offensive game should improve, as well.

It’s going to be a long off-season, in which the Knicks have limited funds and need to make some sizable changes… It’s going to be interesting!

  • mattyhaze

    I have always liked Landry – great hustle and can rebound – better with movement and can move without the ball; but he doesnt mesh well with the 1st team. Needs that confidence back. I am curious- sign and trade for what? Interesting.

  • ReneNYK1

    He has to improve his short range jumper because he doesn’t have three range and he’ll be alright.