Draft Profile: Tu Holloway

The Knicks, sitting at pick 48th in the draft, have plenty more lucrative options than the 48th pick would garner in most years.

There are plenty of directions they could go with this pick; they could stash away a foreigner (Tomas Satoransky); use it to trade up; or, the more likely, use it to get immediate help.

I, personally, feel like the first round and early second should be used to take the player of most value (potential + talent), whereas the mid-late second round should be used to plug holes.

With that said, assuming the Knicks retain their free agents; they should draft a backup point guard. So, that’s why we should hear Tu “YouTube” Holloway’s name called with the 48th pick in the draft.

Scouting Report:

To be honest, I’m surprised that Holloway isn’t projected closer to the top of the second round in this draft that is so shallow at lead guard. Holloway won’t blow anyone away with his measurements, which are all subpar for an NBA point guard; he’s the typical pinball point guard. The short, chubby-looking, explosive type – Holloway sits at 6-feet tall, weighing in at 190 pounds.

You know, Holloway has the same old-man-at-the-YMCA-that-isn’t-athletic-but-will-still-school-your-ass style that former comrade Raymond Felton has. There’s no wonder why Holloway won’t go first round: he has a low ceiling, he doesn’t eclipse six feet, he is a little big, and he’s not athletic. However, there’s no reason why he should sneak past the Knicks.

Holloway has loads of talent. He can shoot, drive, dribble, and he can dish the ball pretty well. Another thing I really like about him is that he has a mean streak; you’re not going to scare this guy. He has a confidence, fearlessness, and swagger that is necessary to succeed in the NBA.

Judging The Fit:

I think that he’ll definitely be a productive professional with the tools he has, probably not a starter, but he certainly has the tools to contribute. Best of all, he’s confident and also mature, so his impact will be felt the second he steps onto the hardwood.


This Knicks team could really benefit from drafting a backup point guard, and Tu Holloway fits the description.



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