The Road To Another Draft Pick

The 2012 NBA Draft is today. For the first time in a long time, the New York Knicks do not have a first-round pick and just one second-round pick. As always, there are picks available in the late first-round and scattered throughout the second round, but as the Knicks have already used up their allotted $3 million for transactions, they are in a tough spot.

Unfortunately, the Knicks don’t have any appealing, tradable assets on the roster, so in order to grab a pick; they’ll have to get creative. At first, it appeared that Dan Gadzuric and his non-gaurenteed contract could be used to headline a trade, but thanks to some clarification from Alan Hahn, it has been pointed out that Gadzuric can not be included in any deal because he was acquired less than three months ago. Well, that’s a shame.

But, luckily, the Knicks have two more non-gaurenteed players on the roster: Jerome Jordan and Josh Harrellson.

Now, since both players have been under contract for at least three months, Jerome Jordan and/or Josh Harrellson can be traded, in order to give a team – essentially – an opportunity to clear some space from their salary cap.

Since both of the contracts are not guaranteed, upon trading for one or both player, the new team can waive the acquired player(s) and free up the sum of the salaries for their salary cap. In order for the trade to work, the Knicks would take back a small salary, as well as say, a draft pick.

If a deal goes down, I doubt the Knicks would include Josh Harrellson, as he’s proved to be a solid backup for both Amare Stoudemire and Tyson Chandler. Trading Jerome Jordan would free up around $1 million for a team, and could prove to be a nice maneuver for them heading into free agency.

As for Jerome Jordan, @JonKnicksFan said it best:

I’m not saying any deal is imminent, but there are ways for the Knicks to acquire another draft pick, even though they’ve used up their $3 million. I’m excited to see if anything goes down tonight, and to see who will be joining the team for the 2013 season.