The Knicks Should Sign A Veteran Point Guard

The New York Knicks have three very talented finishers in Carmelo Anthony, Amare Stoudemire and Tyson Chandler. In order to make them their best, a point guard is needed, in order to facilitate the offense. Yes, Jeremy Lin will be re-signing with the team, but he can’t play 48 minutes a game.

Last year, when Jeremy Lin – possibly the Knicks’ only capable pointguard – played, the offense ran much more smoothly. With a decent crop of veteran point guards on the market, there’s no reason not to sign one, in order to back-up Lin.

With Lin and a capable veteran, the Knicks can have a true point guard running the point for all 48 minutes; The Knicks will always have a player on the floor that can feed one of their many weapons. Whether it be finding Chandler on the pick and roll, hitting Melo or Stoudemire on the cut, or even finding Steve Novak for the wide open three, a play maker with court vision is a huge luxury.

Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, Andre Miller, Raymond Felton, Kirk Hinrich are all players that fit that build.

While I put Steve Nash on the list above, he’s not a possibility. I get countless questions each day asking if Nash is coming, but unfortunately, the answer is no. The Knicks are meeting with him on Sunday afternoon, but the fact is that he’s not taking a significant pay cut to come play for the Knicks. He’s on the list as an example of the type of player the Knicks should look to sign.

Jason Kidd, though rumored to be tagging along to wherever Deron Williams chooses, fits the build. He’s a proven veteran with the ability to find open teammates, while also being able to knock down the occasional jumper. He brings playoff experience and would be a great leader and mentor to younger guys, most importantly, to Jeremy Lin.

Andre Miller, even at the age of 36 and after 13 seasons, continues to be an iron man. He’s missed just six (that is correct) games in his career and continues to be a playmaker, averaging over six assists per game last season, despite starting only seven games and playing under 30 minutes per. He played with Carmelo Anthony in Denver from 2003-2007, never averaging less than six assists in any of those seasons.

Raymond Felton, who has gained several pounds since his last, effective, stint with the team is also an attractive option. The added weight might detract some suitors, but he’s played with Stoudemire before – successfully, too; He can shoot; and he has the swagger that will help him succeed in New York City.

Kirk Hinrich, who might not attract too many lucrative offers, played well in Chicago, but after being traded to the Hawks, he’s been invisible. He should be able to be had for the veteran minimum, and hopefully can still contribute.

Those are a few veteran point guards that I think can come in and help the Knicks right away. There are some younger point guards, as well (tomorrow), but these guys have the experience, leadership and ability to help the Knicks succeed, and for that reason, I think the Knicks should attempt to sign one of them.