Jeremy Lin Makes Right Move, Withdraws From Select Team

Tonight, Jeremy Lin released a statement saying that he’s withdrawing from the 2012 Men’s Select Team.

Unfortunately, I am not going to be able toparticipate in the 2012 Men’s Select Team this summer. It was such an incredible honor to be selected, but I have withdrawn my name from the team because of my status as a free agent. I hope to have the opportunity to participate with USA Basketball at some point in the future.

It’s a shame, considering it would have been a fantastic opportunity for Lin to grow as a player. He’d be playing with some of the most talented young players in the league, and playing against the American superstars on the Olympic team, but it makes sense for him to withdraw.

All NBA players under contract are covered by the league’s insurance coverage, but since Lin is not currently under contract, and cannot sign a contract until July 11th (after the training is over), he’d be on his own to pay for insurance. Also, since Lin would be playing without a contract, any injury would have implications on his potential salary.

Though all Knicks fans hoped to see Jeremy Lin in action before training camp, this was the right move for both Jeremy Lin and the team that will sign him. There’s no need for such a young, talented point-guard to take any unnecessary risks.