Will The Suns Do Knicks A Favor?

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the Phoenix Suns are interested in a sign-and-trade with the New York Knicks, centered on Landy Fields. Of course, the deal would send Steve Nash to New York.

On Sunday afternoon, both the Knicks and Raptors sat down with Steve Nash. It has been reported that the Raptors offered Nash a three year deal worth $36 million, but other reports say the numbers are exaggerated. While the Knicks don’t have nearly enough cap room to compete with the Raptors’ offers, they can get Nash a decent salary if they get him in a sign-and-trade, rather than sign him outright in free agency.

If the Knicks were to sign Nash, the most they could give him would be the $3.09 million tax-payer mid-level exception, unless they want to give him the full $5 million mid-level exception and be hard capped, which would limit any other improvements to the roster.

However, should the Suns help the Knicks out, Nash’s salary can get closer to $10 million than $3 million.

Instead of just losing Nash to free agency, with a sign-and-trade, they would be able to take back some value. Two years ago, accrording Paul Coro, a beat writer for the Suns, Phoenix had intentions of buying a second round pick to snatch up Landry Fields, but the Knicks selected him seven picks before. Now, the Suns have the ability to acquire for Fields, instead of just losing Nash.

Should the Knicks trade Landry Fields, Toney Douglas, Jerome Jordan, Dan Gadzuric and $3 million in cash, Steve Nash would be eligible for around $10 million in annual compensation.

For the Knicks, they get a very talented point guard that could mentor Jeremy Lin, as well as run the team. And for the Suns, they get Landry Fields, Toney Douglas, who would be paid for by the $3 million cash, and Jerome Jordan and Dan Gadzuric’s two non-gaurented contracts that can be immediately waived for salary cap considerations. Seemingly, a win for both sides.

Now, this is all very speculative, as Steve Nash would have to inform the Suns and the Knicks of his desire to play for New York instead of the Raptors, but the wheels are turning. I’m not expecting him to come, but if Landry Fields really draws enough interest from the Suns and Nash wants to be in New York, get it done. Immediately.