No Nash, But Maybe Pablo Prigioni?

Someone should tell the Knicks that point guards are not the only players available during free agency, but they’re set on improving their depth. Steve Nash and Jeremy Lin have stolen the spotlight, but 35-year old Pablo Prigioni has struck up some interest from Knicks personnel., a European basketball site, is reporting that Pablo Prigioni was invited to New York and attended with his wife for a couple of days. During the course of his stay, Prigioni went through several physicals – he is 35 after all – and the Knicks “were amazed by his physique”. Along with the medical tests, Prigioni went though a couple of individual workouts.

Perhaps the most intriguing thing: Prigioni and his wife – two days after working out for the team – were given a list of schools in the New York City area that their children could attend.

Prigioni’s agent ended by saying, “from tomorrow we will wait and discuss the offer.”

Even though Prigioni is 35, he seems to have some gas left in the tank. He’s a wonderful play maker, which is just the type of player the Knicks need to add to backup Lin. Think of him as Steve Nash “light”. He’s actually younger than Nash, but plays quite similarly. He’s a pass-first point guard, but also has some defensive skills – yes, at 35, he’ll still pick some pockets.

He’s yet to make an appearance in the NBA, but that’s because he’s received more lucrative offers overseas. At this point in his career, Prigioni would sign for the veteran minimum, in hopes of putting the crown on his long European career, but that doesn’t mean his production would equate to a minimum salary player. Prigioni has gas in the tank and could prove to be one of the biggest steals of the off-season.

The Knicks’ have a fantastic international scout, and many other scouts have praised Prigioni for his skills, so I’d be confident that the signing would have a positive impact on the team. Soon enough, we’ll know the point guard situation.

  • Tommy2cat

    Thank God we did not trade Shumpert. Dolan & Co. need to sit tight and lure someone with Prigioni’s PG skills without disturbing the main components of the Knick roster. Woodson loves Shump, and I’m glad “the rook” will be under Woodson’s tutelage for next season and beyond.

    Nash did not impress this year, and would get chewed up (like in the wood-chipper sense) against Lebron, Chalmers & Wade.