Free-Agent Point Guard Update

Steve Nash

Last night, it was learned that Steve Nash will be sign-and-traded to the Los Angeles Lakers for two first round picks (2013,2014), two second round picks (2013,2015), as well as $3 million. The move comes on the heels of several rumors sending Nash to New York.

Nash’s contract is worth ~$25 million over three years – around $10 million less than the offer he had from the Toronto Raptors. He chose the Lakers not only for a chance to win, but also because he wanted to stay as close to his children in Phoenix as possible.

Jason Kidd

After Nash committed to the Lakers, the Knicks immediately focused their attention on Jason Kidd, but it seems as if Kidd is nearing a contract with the Dallas Mavericks. After missing out on Deron Williams and Steve Nash, the Mavericks will likely look to stand pat and make a run after Chris Paul and Dwight Howard, when they become free-agents next summer. Until then, a “pairing of Kidd and Delonte West might be more palatable than throwing a huge wad of long-term money at somebody like Goran Dragic.”

Raymond Felton
After a horrendous season, Felton is looking for a new team. According to his agent Tony Dutt, Raymond Felton would “love to go back. He loved New York and was playing at an all-star level”. At this time, it looks like Felton is the Knicks’ top target. I think Felton will have a bounce-back year, and I would welcome him to New York, the only question is at what price. I don’t want the Knicks to give him the mini-MLE, because that would limit improvement this offseason, but there have been some rumors of a sign-and-trade involving Toney Douglas, which would be ideal, because it would leave us the mini-MLE. Felton has always been big, but he’s even bigger now. Hopefully playing in New York would motivate him to workout and shed the extra weight, leaving him in basketball shape.

Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin met with the Houston Rockets yesterday and Marc Berman is reporting that the Rockets offered him a four-year deal worth “at least $31 million”. The offer is backloaded – starting out paying Lin ~$5 million in the first two years, then jumping up to ~$10 million in the final two. If Berman’s numbers are true, this “poison pill” is not as bad as it could have been, and I fully expect the Knicks to match it. Like Landry Fields, if Lin was to accept the offer-sheet on July 11th, the Knicks would have three days to match it.

Goran Dragic

While never a true target of the Knicks, Dragic – who has been dubbed the Jeremy Lin of the West Coast – has signed a four-year contract worth $34 million with the Phoenix Suns. After losing Nash, the Suns moved quickly to pickup their backup point guard from two seasons ago.