Knicks Come To Terms On Deal With Kidd

In a surprising change of events, the New York Knicks have come to terms on a deal with Jason Kidd.

Basically, this is the last 24 hours in Knicks land:

Wednesday morning: It looks like Nash is leaning towards New York and that Shumpert will be traded for him.

Wednesday evening: Steve Nash is going to the Lakers in exchange for four draft picks and $3 million.

Thursday morning: The Knicks have emerged as the front-runners for Raymond Felton, who wants to be back in New York.

Thursday afternoon: Jason Kidd is coming to New York.


After it was widely known that Jason Kidd would be re-signing with the Mavericks, Kidd passed up on a three-year deal worth ~$9.5 million to come play for the Knicks. He said he made the decision because he thinks he can “help” in New York, and because they have more “pieces”. Marc Stein says the contracts is a three-year deal worth about $9 million, but the Knicks will work on a potential sign-and-trade with the Mavericks, so they can keep their mini-MLE.

Kidd will be a fantastic mentor to Jeremy Lin, a leader for the second unit, as well as a veteran with tons of big game experience. He can knock down the open three, find teammates with a pass, as well as play decent defense. Kidd is old (39), but hopefully he has some gas left in the tank. Of course, with age, Kidd’s play has regressed. He’s lost a lot of his lateral quickness, but thanks to his size, he can still both some point guards. He’s coming off a poor shooting season, but he has good mechanics and the knack to his big shots.

Sure, he’s no savior, but he’s a competent backup point guard with quite a career not named Baron Davis or Mike Bibby.

Jason Kidd is second on the NBA’s all-time leader board in assists and steals, an NBA Champion, a 10 time All-Star, five time First Team selection, four time Defensive First Team selection, five time Defensive Second Team selection and the winner of the 2012 Sportsmanship Award.

Welcome aboard, Jason Kidd.