Knicks’ Summer League Roster

The New York Knicks’ Summer League roster has finally been revealed. First game is July 14th. Barring some potential sign-and-trades, it will look like this:

UPDATE: Since Toney Douglas, Jerome Jordan and Josh Harrellson were all included in the Marcus Camby trade, they will not be playing for the Knicks’ summer league squad.

  • Toney Douglas
  • Jerome Jordan
  • Josh Harrellson
  • Chris Smith is 6’2″ and 25-years-old. He’s also JR Smith’s brother.
  • Jeremiah Rivers is 6’5″ and 24-years-old. He is Doc Rivers’ older son.
  • Mychel Thompson is 6’6″ and 24-years-old. He’s Klay Thompson’s brother.
  • Jeff Brooks is 6’8″ and 23-years-old. He was last seen with Fileni BPA in Italy.
  • Chris Copeland is 6’8″ and 28-years-old. He is the MVP of the Belgium league.
  • Mustapha Farrakhan is 6’4″ and 23-years-old. He played for Bakersfield Jam in the NBA D-League. He is the grandson of Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam.
  • Kyle Goldcamp is 6’10″ and 26-years-old. He played for the Erie Bayhawks.
  • Ahmad Nivins is 6’10″ and 25-years-0ld. He was acquired in the Tyson Chandler trade.
  • Artsiom Parakhouski is 6’9″ and 25-years-old. He played in Ukraine.
  • Walker Russel Jr. is 6’0″ and 29-years-old. He was on the Pistons last season. He is the son of Knicks’ scout, Walker Russel Sr.
  • Terrance Withers is 6’2″ and 29-years-old.
  • Wesley Witherspoon is 6’9″ and 22-years-old. He went undrafted out of Memphis.