Pablo Prigioni Is Coming To New York

Pablo Prigioni, a 35-year-old Argentianean point guard who has been playing in Spain, has decided to accept the New York Knicks’ offer and come to the United States, according to Marc Berman. He’s set to become the oldest rookie in the NBA. Ever, I believe.

The Knicks have expressed interest in Prigioni for a while, but after agreeing to a deal with Jason Kidd, it seemed unlikely Prigioni would still be interested in coming to New York. He stands to be the third-string point guard, and according to him, he has no problem with the role.

I do not have problem to be the third point guard on the team. The season has 82 games and I have to be ready to play.

Prigioni is a pass-first point guard – image a Steve Nash light. He’ll bring great leadership to the team, and between he and Kidd, Jeremy Lin is in for a very educational year. Sure, four-years ago he might have been better prepared to make a splash into the NBA, but he’s coming over to be the Knicks’ third-string point guard. He’s a natural point guard and will make those around him better.

Now, since Prigioni is technically a rookie, I believe the maximum salary he’s eligible for is the roughly $473,604 veteran’s minimum for players with zero NBA experience. According to Prigioni, however, this move is about fulfilling a dream.

“I know I’m missing out on money, but I cannot miss this chance. The NBA is a dream and I want to meet it.” (via @AlRPerez)

I’m loving the moves Grunwald is making, and this is another great one. We saw our point guards drop like flies last year, so the more – serviceable – point guards, the better.

Also, Lin/Kidd/Prigioni is infinitely better than Douglas/Bibby/Davis.

  • Anonymous

    The knicks are getting. Old kuick
    A 35 years old rookie.

  • Nikki Chawla

    Did we even officially match for Lin yet? If he felt slighted that we didn’t offer him a contract right away, how’s he going to feel when the Knicks wait 3 days to actually match the offer?

    • Jonah Kaner

      Well, first off, Lin confronted that accusation on Twitter and said it was made up…

      Secondly, the Rockets had to take care of the Camby move before inking Lin to the offer-sheet, which has yet to be signed, but is likely delayed just because the Rockets are talking to the Magic about Howard.

      • Nikki Chawla

        oh, thanks for clearing that up…so there really isn’t a delay on the knicks part of matching the contract yet because the offer sheet hasn’t even been signed yet. that’s a relief, i actually thought that the knicks were actually entertaining thoughts of not matching lin.

  • Tommy2cat

    I realy like the move Grunwald is making, too. He’s bringing in experienced ball players, many of them winners. and placing them in situations where they’re most likely to succeed. It appears he’s not asking for too much from any one player, and that the team fabric overall is stronger – there’s going to be a lot of basketball IQ on the Knick bench for the first time in quite awhile.

    I am also very pleased to see that Mike Woodson is coming back. He earned the privilege of coaching the Knicks from scratch this year. I think he’ll do wonders with this team with a full training camp and an assortment of players that are very experienced, in the thick of their prime, or just emerging into basketball prominence.

    This year, whether we go all the way or not, the Knicks will be legit.

  • KnicksfaninCatalonia

    Looking forward to seeing how Prigioni fares when Team Argentina battles Team USA in an exhibition game on the 22nd in Barcelona. I like this signing, anyway, as there is nothing to lose and, I suspect, a lot to gain as Prigiono has been on a lot of winning teams in high-pressure situations. And we’ve needed a pass-first PG for a while.

    • Jonah Kaner

      Yeah, will be a fun game to watch.

      I’m a big fan of the Prigioni signing. At his worst, he’s a guard that will find the open man. At his best, he’s making his jumpers and creating off the dribble. For a little less than $500K, I think he’s a STEAL.